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Are you booking 3-4 hours for your balayage service?

I'll teach you to start working smarter, not harder and earn your way to the freedom with one thing.

The power of the paintbrush.

There's nothing more frustrating than standing at the chair for a full day and to only see 1-2 guests. You leave the salon looking at your sales for the day wondering if it's worth it. You do that, don't you?

Invest in your craft, add some tools to your toolbox that will help you make more cheddar. I got you babe.

Let's turn those 2 guests a day into 4 shall we?


Okay. Good.
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When you told your loved ones you were going to cosmetology school did they tell you to get a real job?
Hey there! I'm Lindsey. I am a successful, small town, thriving entrepreneur and a certified Sunlights Artisan Educator. I am passionate about proving them WRONG! The beauty industry has much to offer big and small, I truly believe that if you have some grit, it can be whatever you choose to make of it.

My specialty is coaching stylists to know and accept their worth by helping them build their own path to success by strategic business coaching and teaching them to paint beautiful hair with Sunlights Balayage. 
I've been dreaming of putting the paintbrush in the hands of the driven hairstylist. If you don't want to put in the work then I'm probably not the educator for you.

In my classes you will learn how to free hand balayage like a boss and you'll learn the steps to build your business into an empire and feel a super natural force of confidence doing it all.

Does that sound like you?

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business coaching.


Stuck on social media? Can't seem to find the words for your captions? Hustling to fill your book? Overbooked? Overwhelmed?

I can help!

We will work on all of the things, ONE at a time! Experience one-on-one business coaching that supports hairstylists like you to grow your business and achieve your goals by tearing down the walls that have blocked you from achieving success.

I beg of you... don't throw in the towel just yet, you need a few business tools to gain momentum.
Sign up below for a free PDF download guide on how to make money as a hairstylist: "3 Reasons You Were Told Hairstylist's Don't Make Any Money" it's a guide that will show you my top three reasons you feel like you're on the hamster wheel and how to get off!

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