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Sulfates and Parabens.. What is in your shampoo.

The debate over professional and store bought shampoo is a long standing argument. You may notice when watching television, you see a celebrity endorsing Pantene or another shampoo that may be in your shower. You think, “hey I must be using the good stuff because Selena Gomez is using it too!”. Wrong. I find it VERY hard to believe that any celebrity uses over-the-counter shampoo and conditioners. I will tell you some of the facts: #1 Sulfates Sulfates are a form of salt used to lather and create the foaming effect. Each shampoo can vary from small amounts of sulfates up to 50%. Your typical amount should be no more than 15% of sulfates in your shampoo. If you can imagine the shampoo bubbling up on your scalp and removes the oils, dirt and product from the hair then rinses right off and down the drain and you are left with clean, shiny hair! Now think of that same scenario but there’s so much getting sloughed away that even the natural oils from your body and your fresh new hair color get stripped and then your body thinks it needs to produce more oil and then you are left wondering why your hair is so greasy and your color fades so fast? Another factor in sulfate products is palm oil. Which if you are aware of safe beauty products you are probably someone who watches your makeup labels for palm oil as it is a great cause for concern regarding our rainforests and environment. Farmers are cutting down palm trees in the rainforests for our beauty products and that’s just not cool. What else isn’t cool is that sulfate products are known to be highly tested on animals as well. #2 Parabens Parabens are any group of compounds used as preservatives in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. This gives your shampoo the opportunity to sit on a shelf for a very long time. There are recent studies linking parabens to cancer (what else is new?) But the cosmetic concern is clogging pores. Sounds to me like either way you spin it, I wouldn’t want large amounts of that in my daily routine! What to look for: Watch for SLS and/or SLES on your shampoo bottle, it’s probably in teeny tiny writing on the back! Also look for percentages of content level of sulfates, silicone, water and alcohol. All of these things have to be in these products so don’t get me wrong. Even if a product says it is “sulfate free” it still has to have a surfactant to separate the dirt and oil from your scalp. The key here is how much is in my shampoo? Some companies will even have low percentages but have high amounts of water which would explain why. So just be cautious of your labels! Ofcourse, I recommend buying a professional brand because I’m a big believer in “you get what you pay for”. Professional shampoos are highly concentrated and much safer than your drug store products. You may say “I’ve been using this stuff for years and it’s great”. Lots of these products have long term effects on your scalp and hair and you won't see that until later or until you visit your stylist to try to make a change or troubleshoot a problem you may run into. Holidays are a great time to jump into something new and you’ll find great deals on some really great products so be sure to come see us in the coming months!  If you haven’t yet, schedule your next visit here 24/7 online booking

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