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I have several guests ask what is a teasylight and balayage and a color melt? Why are there all these names for all these color techniques?  

Well, I’d like to clear some things up for you! I’ve used some of my work in the diagram to give a visual on each term or technique and then an explanation below. These are terms commonly used in the industry that you may see being described in the inspiration picture you choose. 

Being artists, we come up with different things all the time and sometimes incorporate one, two, or three of them to create one look. I hope these explanation help and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area!  

Types and Techniques of trending Hilighting and Coloring:

Foilyage or Teasylights : A technique of hilighting hair using back combing and placing the foil under the backcombing and applying lightener. This method leaves a very blended look while being the most effective way to reach the most levels of lift in one session. Ombré: When the hair is lightened toward the bottom, fading into the top without leaving lines of demarcation. Shadow Root: Also called root melt, root stretch or drag, etc. This is when a color 2-3 shades darker is applied to the root area and combed through to blend, melt into a second color, or to blur the lines of a traditional hilight. Traditional Foil Hilights: This is your typical hilighting service where the hair is weaves or sliced and put into foils and color or lightener is applied as close to the root as possible. Baby lights: (not pictured) Very similar to traditional hilights in terms of application but is very fine weaved sections of hair that the lines of demarcation are not noticeable. This is used around the hairline and part area to create the illusion of sun lightened baby hairs for a softer look. Color Melt: When a root color is applied and melted into a second and sometimes a third color. Typically darker at the root and the lightest on the ends. This is great for going from very light to dark as it can be brighter around the face and darker in back, in a teardrop pattern. All over or Full color: Changing your color from root to end. Every third color service the ends should be refreshed. Hand Painted Balayage: Painting the hair to look “lived in”. This is a natural-looking technique of lightening the hair and giving a seamless, blended look. The difference between balayage and ombré is that balayage has lighter pieces throughout the interior and face frame, it is not a solid dark to light as in an ombré, it has variations. 

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