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Everyone has a story, this one is mine...

I've been blessed to have the ability of positively influencing the confidence and self worth of women from behind my chair since 2004! My name is Lindsey, I'm a successful, small town, business woman and I'm dedicated to showing my guests just how beautiful they truly are when their outside reflects their inside.

In 2016 I discovered the art of hand painted balayage and I instantly fell in love! It's not only a trend, it's a technique that creates artistic freedom for both the artist and the client. An added bonus for the client; I can create a look that stays gorgeous all the way until the day of your next visit even if it's 6-8 months later!


Once I made this discovery I knew I wanted to be a part of the movement that was creating successful hairstylists. I have participated in a hairstylist business training program since 2017 where I've learned and put into practice several tools that led to opening a salon and spa successfully with two business partners in 2018. I'm a passionate businesswoman and I'm sick and tired of hairstylists being told to "get a real job"! I've made it my mission to find women that are just as driven as myself to break the stigma of being "just a hairstylist" and make their dream life a reality!


When I'm not coaching hairstylists or hanging out at the place that makes everyone feel good, The Barn, I'm spending my evenings and weekends with my family. I have two daughters that keep me on my toes with sports, friends, and adventures along with a hyper, little mister cute face, pittie named Greyson!


Creating meaningful relationships with my guests and students has been my utmost pleasure in my career and I always look forward to meeting new friends! If you are here as a new client, be sure to visit the tab for clients or new guest booking below, and if you're a hairstylist seeking education or coaching, click the stylists tab above.


Whatever the reason you are here, I'm so pumped to get started or to continue working together!


4 hours

Balayage + *Rooted Gloss + Style + Cut $185

Full Foil Hilight + Roots + Cut  $175

Color Correction - $250

after 4 hours = $100 per hour

3 hours

Balayage + *Gloss + Style $130

Balayage  + Gloss + Cut + Style $158

Full or Half Head Foil Hilight + Roots + Cut  $130

*Color Blending + Cut + Style $118

2 hours

Balayage + Gloss + Style $115

Balayage + Gloss + Style + Cut $125

Full or Half Head Foil Hilight + Roots + Cut  $95

*Root maintenance + Cut $78

Root Maintenance + Style $65

Maintenance Visits

Gloss Refresh + Style $60

*Shampoo + haircut + style $35

Treatment Mask - 5 minute deep conditioning mask at the bowl treatment- $10

Deep Treatment Mask - Malibu conditioning cocktail for dry, brittle, or fine hair $20

Healing Treatment - Olaplex stand alone for damaged, brittle hair. $30

Malibu C Crystal Gel - $35

Pricing is based on hour increments due to the fact that every person's hair is different and no service can be priced fairly based on the service alone.

*Gloss - services listed with a gloss is described as a demi-permanent color that is applied after lightening to acheive a desired tone. Every lightening service is required to have a gloss included even if it is clear as it leaves the hair in a healthy and shiny condition after the service.

* Rooted Gloss - is what you would describe a demi-permanent color that is darker at the root also known as "root smudge" "shadow root" to name a few. This option also includes a lighter glaze through the ends

*Color Blending - this service can mean your desired look is a solid color from scalp to ends or a rooted gloss blended into a lighter gloss, either way this service option delivers an even and/or blended tone throughout the hair.

*Root Maintenance - is a nice way of saying grey touch up. This service option is priced for 1 inch of re-growth and additional color will be charged $10 per additional ounce needed.

The Barn a Salon and Spa

40388 State Rt. 303

LaGrange, Ohio 44050


In Salon Hours

Tuesday 12-8

Wednesday 9-5

Friday 9-3

Saturday 9-2 by availability 

Contact Me

T: 440.552.0478

E: Lindsey@lindseyholcomb.com

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