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Balayage classes

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Are you booking 3-4 hours for your balayage service?

I'll teach you the skill that single handedly helped me earn my way to freedom in my career.

The power of the paintbrush.

There's nothing more frustrating than standing at the chair for a full day and to only see 1-2 guests. You leave the salon looking at your sales for the day wondering if it's worth it.
You do that, don't you?

Invest in your craft and add some tools to your toolbox that will help you make a living you can be proud of.
I got you babe.

Let's turn those 2 guests a day into 4 shall we?


Okay. Good.
Click below for a full list of upcoming classes or learn how to host your own class. Then sign up for my email list so that you can be the first to know when new classes are scheduled and get exclusive tutorials and content just for you.
I can't wait to see you there!

Why I'm here

When you told your loved ones you were going to cosmetology school did they tell you to get a real job?
Hey there! I'm Lindsey. I am a successful, small town, thriving entrepreneur and a certified Sunlights Artisan Educator. I am passionate about proving them WRONG! The beauty industry has much to offer big and small, I truly believe that if you have some grit, it can be whatever you choose to make of it.

My specialty is coaching stylists to know and accept their worth by helping them build their own path to success by strategic business coaching and hand painted balayage. 

In 2016 I discovered Sunlights Balayage and I instantly fell in love with the product and my teacher, the one and only Balaylama! (aka Candy Shaw)

I learned that it's not only a trend, it's a technique that creates artistic freedom for both the artist and the client. This was something that made sense to me in my ADD brain because I get bored easily and move on to the next thing, but with balayage it never gets boring! 

Once I made this discovery I knew I wanted to be a part of the movement that was creating successful hairstylists.

Since 2017 I have had the privilege of a great business mentor and coach, Britt Seva. In her mastermind-like program (Thrivers Society) I've learned how important it is as an entrepreneur to learn and implement business strategy in order to continuously grow.


"If you aren't growing, you are rotting"

I've put these strategies into practice and it's led me to doubling my income in one year, increasing my income by 30% per year after, having the ability to work my dream schedule, and opening a profitable booth rental salon and spa with two business partners in 2018. I'm passionate about the potential of this business and I'm sick and tired of hairstylists being told to "get a real job"!

I've made it my mission to find stylists that are just as driven as myself to break the stigma of being "just a hairstylist" and make their dream life a reality with the tools I've gathered along the way. . I'll be honest, if you don't want to put in the work then I'm probably not the educator for you.

In my classes you will learn how to set yourself apart with free handed balayage, in coaching you'll learn the steps to build your business from the place you are stuck, and feel a super natural force of confidence doing it all.
Does that sound like you? Then you don't want to miss anything so get on my mailing list for future class information and more!

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