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Is It Really True??

I've heard from the little ladies that come in for their hairstyle on Friday's that their hair will stay all week long if they wrap their hair in a satin-type linen. So it got me thinking... could it help the breakage around my hairline?

Let's be real... I sleep like a mad woman! But only on one side. That side has a lot of split and broken ends. It's almost as scary as going to watch "IT".  Like this:  ​​

Whoa! Sorry... I told ya it was scary!

This is a huge problem especially if you have fine, thin and blonde hair. Those hair types are very brittle and the roughness from our comfy, cotton pillows destroys our hair! Not only is a cotton pillowcase rough but it sucks the moisture right out of our hair! 

So I'll bet you're wondering if it really works? Well I bought a silk pillowcase and I'm here to tell you IT WORKS!!! The last week I've woken up with it-would-be-okay-if-I-was-caught-in-Public kind of hair! It's still soft and manageable in the morning! Like this: ​​

I mean, it's not perfect but a little combing and I no longer wake up with frizzy crazy hair! 

So, to end this silly review of the satin pillowcase...  I will tell you- you should get one. You'll wake up looking like a princess errr...close to it 😜

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