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Busy vs Productive: How to manage grey touch ups on the go!

Grey touch ups in a one hour appointment, even resistant grey. Longer lasting reds and rich browns. Brighter blondes in minimal amounts of time. How is any of this possible? Trionics.

My must have - can’t live without - go to product I use behind the scenes is Trionics. It is peroxide that is mixed to activate the chemical process of hair color that is ammonia free and is derived from sea kelp enzymes. Enzymes naturally accelerate a chemical reaction without the usual damage of harsh ammonia peroxide’s and penetrate the cortex more deeply to deposit color. It basically leaves the hair in a healthier state than when you started and it does it in half the time! 

HALF the time??? 

Yes. I can apply color to your grey roots, set you under the dryer for 15 minutes, rinse and a quick blow dry, and send you on your way! 

I have found success with these products with the most resistant of grey. Below is pictured my guest with quite a bit of grey around her hairline and her processing time was only 15 minutes and we achieved complete coverage! 

I also use Trionics developers for other hairy situations like blondes that won’t lift past that yellow hue and reds that just won’t stay. 

Another amazing benefit of the enzymes is that it does not make the scalp itch during processing. I’ve been using Trionics for atleast the last year and I couldn’t tell you the last time I gave a guest a rat tail comb to scratch while they are processing color! We’ve all been there, right? 

I always say it’s better to be productive rather than “busy”. We can say we are busy all day long to put off things we have less of a desire to do. However, unless we are being productive with our time what are we really getting done? With Trionics I’m able to be conscious of mine and my guests time and the integrity of their hair wether I’m covering grey or looking to achieve a different result. 

In an attempt to help you be productive instead of busy, I’ve incorporated a 1 hour grey retouch into my service menu. I never want to cut our time short because I loooove our time spent together but I know you have things to accomplish. If you’re a productive mom on the go, a business woman going from meeting to meeting, or both - I got you. I can’t wait to be a part of making your life easier and more productive! 

To book your touch up appointment click the link below, choose Lindsey as your service provider and choose touch up as your selected service! See you soon loves! 

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