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New Year, More Overwhelm?

That doesn’t sound right, does it?? But it’s true! The new year brings a lot of excitement as you look forward to progress and goals. There’s so much momentum because so many people on social media are right there with you sharing their journey and their energy. It’s infectious but you feel completely overwhelmed and not sure when to begin.

Then you hit the wall.

What was I working on? What am I suppose to be doing right now? How is this pushing me towards my goals that I just made? I don’t know. Then before you know it you’re like a character in a thriller movie running through the streets and you find yourself stopped in an alley looking around at nothing and you scream as you look up at the sky and the camera zeros in on your face and slowly tracks back up to the sky… you know what I’m talking about right??

So I found myself in the same position. I did a goal setting workshop and my coach made it very clear and spelled out the steps for me. The thing I wasn’t getting is that even though she had me write out 5 projects and the steps to get them finished, I was tackling all the projects at the same time!

Here‘s an example: Project one, collect content and plan out social media for a month. Project two, create a more clear training for my receptionists. Project three, fill my upcoming balayage class. So there I was, looking at my long list of caption ideas and planning a few social posts for my salon. Then I’m like oh wait I really have to try to fill this balayage class so let me make some video for that. Then I go off and start my day at the salon and the first downtime I get I’m scheduling another post then I get asked a question by my front desk and I remember I need to make a binder with some clear answers so they don’t need to ask me so many questions…. STOP.

This is a day in the life of my overwhelm. I’m trying to keep the momentum that I’m feeling of this fresh start and feeling of inspiration. However I’m half assing it all! I’m sprinkling in all the things so I can get all the things done. I think I’m using my time wisely but really I’m all over the place and not being thorough with anything.

So here’s what we do… Don’t pull your hair out just yet! I give myself a deadline for project one. That project is my sole focus. I use my office hours day (if you don’t have office hours, schedule them!) to get the bulk of it done if not all of it. I’m not breaking up the hours of my office day to move on to project two. I know that in order to get the one project done it HAS to be my focus!

What is your biggest hold up when trying to organize your business? What makes you squirrely? Make yourself a deadline and focus on ONE task or project. Share with me your project and your deadline and I’ll hold you accountable!


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