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As I’m coming down off of my inspirational high I thought I’d share with you a piece of my heart. 

When we go to shows wether they are big or small I ALWAYS leave learning something new that I can use to bring my guests a little more than before. The last few shows I’ve sat in the same class and I’ve learned something new each time I went. From the first time going I knew the woman teaching this class was now a mentor to me. Her name is Missy Peterson and she is the global education director for Malibu C wellness. She introduces herself as that title but then she says “but more importantly I’m an American Board Certified Haircolorist. Sounds kind of hokey, right? But it’s a’s a BIG thing! Talk about #lifegoals So that basically means she is a genius when it comes to knowing everything there is to know about the chemistry of haircolor. So let’s get to the good part....

Last June I went to a huge show down in Florida and introduced myself at the Malibu boot. I asked if I could be added to the Malibu education Facebook page and so the girl I met, Georgia, did just that. 

Fast forward to last that we are connected on social media, she asked for a stage model for the upcoming Cleveland show. ME ME ME!! This past Monday I spent the whole day hanging out with the lovely Miss. Georgia Reed and she prepped and then colored my hair on stage. I also spent the majority of the day with Missy... I know, I was totally fangirling.. These ladies are brilliant!

The point is that I’ve found people in the industry that I love that I feed off of. People that inspire me to be a better stylist and to reach for the sky! So go be inspired, whatever your dreams are, go for it! I don’t see myself becoming a platform artist in the future BUT I see myself growing in my career, education and business because I won’t stop! 


Whatever it is that you do, do it with passion and find people that are like minded and grow together. BE

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