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Why do I need a conditioning treatment?

There are three reasons you need to be treating yourself to a deep conditioning treatment:

One: Without moisture our hair becomes dry and brittle. Even if you do not color your hair it still goes through the process of our natural surroundings. You can see in previous posts that I’ve talked about how our water effects our hair. Our water is treated at water treatment facilities with bleach to keep our water clean. There’s no way around that and it gets in our hair and it does have an effect. So if you’re wondering why your hair feels dry and you don’t apply heat or color, this is probably why. There is also the weather to think about. Here in Ohio it gets pretty dry in the cold winter. We use our humidifiers in our bedrooms to prevent nosebleeds and dry mouths and such. Why aren’t we treating our hair just the same? Your locks need a drink too 😊

Two: Many people believe that coloring your hair is drying and I’ve even had clients ask if that could be the reason that they’ve gotten thinner hair over the years. The fact is that it’s not the case. These days color is actually conditioning! Chemists in the industry have made it so it’s actually good for your hair to be colored! Especially today because we are very concerned with our environment and what we put on/in our bodies they’ve made it so it’s actually good for you! They’ve added oils and all sorts of things to help longevity of haircolor and moisture. But why do you need to think about the moisture in your hair then? Remember the bleach in our water? Unfortunately it fades our colors and it makes it hard for the color to really stick inside the cortex of the hair. This is where I would recommend adding an additional 45 minutes to your appointment for Malibu crystal gel treatment if you’re really having a hard time with color fading! (You can read about that on a previous blogpost!) 

Three: Where are all my beautiful blondes? You my love, need a conditioning treatment the most! The lighteners we use to get you that beautiful hue of golden or ashy blonde dries your hair. So it’s important to keep the moisture locked in with a monthly in salon treatment and a take home shampoo and conditioner for moisture (I recommend awapuhi wild ginger by Paul Mitchell!) This will ensure that your hair looks healthy and beautiful as when you left the salon the day of your last appointment! 

These are, in my professional opinion, the top three reasons why you would need a conditioning treatment and the benefits are amazing! I’ve seen way too many ladies walking around with beautiful hair and to see the ends all breaking and dry just hurts my hairdresser heart! 

It takes an additional 15 minutes and depending on the amount of breakage/damage/dryness of your hair it starts at an additional $10! Add this on to your next service or just make an appointment for a conditioning treatment! This month I’m featuring peppermint treatments - don’t miss out! 

I can’t wait to see you loves!



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